How much are single tickets?
Ticket prices during the season vary depending on the show. During our 2019/20 season, ticket prices will be $20 – $55.

For example, some tickets cost between $35 – $55 plus fees, so by becoming a subscriber, you’re saving close to 57% instantly on one show.

Why is there a $15 processing fee for each subscription/package?
We incur expenses for every package and single ticket sold. The one time $15 processing fee allows us to continue to provide an exceptional patron experience by implementing low-cost subscription packages while continuing to provide high-quality professional theatre in Chicago.

The fee also allows subscribers to exchange their ticket(s) (one per title) at no additional cost and gives you (our subscriber) access to many other perks and discounts.

Can my child sit in my lap?
Lap seats are available for children under 18 months, which are $10 at the door or $5 by calling Guest Services at 312.374.8835. Children over 18 months are very welcome to sit in your lap, but a full ticket ($25–$55) will need to be purchased.

Your show says “Ideal For Ages 8 and Up”, but my child is mature for a 7-year-old, can they still come?
Yes! You know your child better than we do. We recommend our shows based on age by research, author recommendation, and the content of each show.

How can I book a group?
Groups of 8 or more are eligible for an exclusive discount. For details on pricing, email boxoffice@chicagochildrenstheatre.org or call 312.374.8835.

We also accommodate school groups and large groups of 40+. Please visit our Group Sales page for more details.

What is your photo policy?
Unless noted otherwise, no photography during the show – it is distracting to performers and discourteous to other audience members.

Can I bring a stroller?
Yes! We have stroller parking in our building, but space is limited. If it’s possible for you and your family, we strongly recommend leaving your stroller at home.

When can I use my subscriber discounts?
2019-2020 season subscriber discounts can be applied to start May 3, 2019. If you’re a subscriber and purchased a class, camp, or birthday party before May 3, the discount is not eligible.

If you purchased a class, camp, or birthday party after May 3 but forgot to inform Guest Services that you’re a subscriber, we, unfortunately, cannot give you a refund. However, we can apply a credit to your account.

Remember always to inform Guest Services that you’re a subscriber before enrolling so that you receive a discount – even for tickets!


*Please note that these FAQs can and will change from time to time, so be sure to check back when you’re buying tickets to another show. Some productions may have different stipulations or FAQs. Those details are on individual show pages.

We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!