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Nearly fifteen years after launching, with 18 world premieres, over 400,000 community members served, a focus on unparalleled access to low-income families and youth with special needs, and the opening our new home, The Station, in the city’s historic and re-emerging West Loop neighborhood, Chicago Children’s Theatre has proven to be an unstoppable force.

We are proud to announce our next critical step officially leaving behind the identity of a small theatre company and leveraging our position as a world-class arts institution: Let’s Play: The Power of Play, a $1 Million annual fundraising and engagement campaign. In redefining the importance of play, in all of its forms from drama to creative intelligence to the imagination, Chicago Children’s Theatre will embark on a series of strategic initiatives across three pillars.



The Power of Play leverages the arts to inspire young people to become engaged citizens while addressing pressing needs in our community today. We believe, and research supports, that access to high-quality theatre arts and arts learning experiences is essential to enhance individual development and improved functioning in school, work, and community settings. More broadly, every day nonprofit arts and culture organizations act as economic drivers – creating an industry that supports jobs, generates government revenue, and is the cornerstone of our tourism industry. We know exposure to live theatre can increase a child’s capacity for empathy, ultimately cultivating a more tolerant and accepting community.



For The Love of Play demonstrates how our work on stage has the ability to transform lives by entertaining, educating and inspiring audiences. We are committed to creating great theatre that pushes boundaries. The mission of Chicago Children’s Theatre is to aspire to enrich our community through diverse and significant theatrical and educational programming that engages and inspires the child in all of us.

CCT achieves its mission through the creation of awe-inducing theatrical productions and programs with an emphasis on inclusion and accessibility; inspiring young people and families to lead lives of adventure, courage, and curiosity. It is also important that CCT’s productions reflect the rich tapestry of Chicago’s diverse communities.



A Place to Play supports our home, The Station, a former police station re-imagined as a destination for arts learning, individual empowerment, and community unification. This is a realization froth with symbolism and substance. A place once reserved for confining human spirit is now a space for creativity and human expression. The Station is a place for families and children of all backgrounds, interests, and abilities to explore artistic endeavors with boundless imagination; encouraging future artists, creators, and leaders.


We are confident these pillars will inspire and engage you. Your gift will leverage the impact in moving these strategies forward. Together, we can make Chicago Children’s Theatre a theatre for every child. Let’s Play!